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Hello, I'm Warnen

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PostWarnen October 29th 2020, 9:50 pm

I join these to PK, earn exp and craft all my equipment to match my style.
Requests: If possible, I would like for there to be a Merchant Role or Mystic Role that handles items of rare quantities and sell them to provinces. If possible I'd also like for you to approve of Custom Races and Classes with no restrictions to have however no OP and if you're against futuristics then place it in development OC section. My Race I want is Wisp or Entity.

I use Martial Arts and use Crude or non-crude weapons. Mostly I'll target magic that enchants items, preferably experimental. I like fleets that uses everything Artillery Does while I also like Tanks to hold light weapons for no lost.

10 Constitution
4 Melee Weapon Damage
1 Defense
6 Speed
Ability : Craft, Enchant, Forge

Favorite Creatures or Enemies
Spirits, Genies, Vampires, Demigods, Mortals, Gods, Aliens, Astralites, Zombies and Golems
Dungeon Master
"Dragon Tamer"

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PostDraxion October 31st 2020, 10:15 am

Hello, @Warnen, and welcome to Chronicles of Tellene. Sorry for the delay in replying back. The site is still active but, as you can see, it is quite slow due to the pandemic across the world.

Have you played Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) before?

I do accept custom races and classes after I review them and make sure they aren’t too powerful for the game. And the setting of this campaign is medieval times so there are no futuristic stuff.

The race you want, Wisp or Entity, I will need a link to the information regarding it.



Here's the order: (UK = Undead Kobold) UK 6 & 8, UK 2 & 10, UK 4, Uk 7, UK 5, Sadad & Silver, UK 11, UK 1 & 3 & 9

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