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The Award System

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PostDraxion July 27th 2016, 7:43 am

The Award System

Draxion's Gaming Den proudly presents the Award System

From now on you earn badges by accomplishing certain tasks. What you can earn are listed below.

Any discussion about this new system can be foundĀ here.

NumberBadgesBadge NameHow to obtain it
#1The Award System Welcom10Welcome!First time joining the site
#2The Award System Jedi11CrusaderJoin or lead a holy order
#3The Award System Level-14Copper StarLevel up at least 1 time
#4The Award System Level-18Silver StarSuccessfully reaching character level 5
#5The Award System Level-17Gold StarSuccessfully reaching character level 10
#6The Award System Level-16Platinum StarSuccessfully reaching character level 15
#7The Award System Level-15Diamond StarSuccessfully reaching character level 20
#8The Award System Make_a10New LifeMake a construct
#9The Award System Multi-10PresitgiousTake on a prestige class
#10The Award System Planar11Master of ElementsDeal fire, cold, electric, acid, and sonic damage in a single battle
#11The Award System Sith11ZealotJoin or lead an occult following
#12The Award System 5000gp10Treasure Hunter, BronzeFind an item worth 5,000 gold
#13The Award System 15000-10Treasure Hunter, SilverFind an item worth 15,000 gold
#14The Award System 50000-10Treasure Hunter, GoldFind an item worth 50,000 gold
#15The Award System Agains10Agasint the OddsSurvive being outnumbered against 5 or more enemies
#16The Award System Theatr10EntertainerSucceed a Perform check 5 times in 3 different cities
#17The Award System The-wi10The Wind SpeaksSucceed a Listen check of DC 25 or higher 10 times
#18The Award System Chrono11Knowledge SeekerGet 10 base ranks in any knowledge skill
#19The Award System Tumble10They See Me Rollin'Succeed a Tumble check in combat 20+ times
#20The Award System Use_a_10Magical ItemsSucceed a Use Magic Device check DC 35 or higher
#21The Award System Visit_10Grand ArcanumSucceed a Spellcraft check DC 25 or higher 20 times
#22The Award System Aquati10AquaticSucceed a Swim check 10+ times
#23The Award System Art-of10Art of the ThiefSuccessfully steals with Sleight of Hand 25+ times
#24The Award System Boy-gi10Boy/Girl ScoutSucceed a Use Rope check 50+ times
#25The Award System Camofl10CamouflageComplete 10 Hide checks
#26The Award System Counte10CounterfeitComplete 10 Forgery checks
#27The Award System Climbe10ClimberSucceed a Climb check DC 35 or higher
#28The Award System Cypher10Cipher CrackerSucceed a Decipher Script check DC 35 or higher
#29The Award System Eagale10Eagle EyesPerform a successful Search check 50+ times
#30The Award System Eye-sp10Eye SpySucceed a Spot check DC 30 or higher
#31The Award System Fear-t10Fear TacticsComplete 10 Intimidate checks with no resistance
#32The Award System Firend10Friend to NatureSucceed on 10 Handle Animal checks
#33The Award System Lie-de10Lie DetectorCatch an NPC's lie with a Sense Motive check 5 times
#34The Award System Long-j10Long JumpJump a total of 25ft in one jump without any source
#35The Award System Masqur10MasqueradeComplete 10 Disguise checks successfully
#36The Award System Medic10MedicComplete 30 Heal checks/Stop a bleeding out
#37The Award System Mental10Mental FortitudeSucceed a Concentration check 25 times
#38The Award System Myster10Mystery SolvedAppraise 25 or more items
#39The Award System Liar-d10Master of DeceptionSuccessfully Bluff NPC's 10+ times
#40The Award System Opener10Opener of WaysSucceed an Open Lock check 50+ times
#41The Award System Peacem10PeacemakerSuccessfully Diplomacy NPC's 10 times
#42The Award System Perfec10Perfect BalanceMaintain Balance DC 35 or higher
#43The Award System Profes10ProfessionalEarn 2,000+ gold in your profession
#44The Award System Social10Social ButterflyComplete 10 Gather Information checks
#45The Award System Stealt10StealthSucceed Move Silently check 25+ times
#46The Award System Nimble10Nimble FingersSucceed Disable Device check 25+ times
#47The Award System Baby-m10Saving the SpeciesHave or adopt a child in the game
#48The Award System Breaki10Breaking the BankSpend 100,000 gold at once in any market
#49The Award System Bribe10Dirty BusinessBribe an NPC without getting caught
#50The Award System Commit10CommitmentGet married to someone in the game
#51The Award System Tinker10TinkerCraft 50+ items/objects
#52The Award System Crowne10CrownedBecome royalty, by rite or marriage
#53The Award System Dragon10Dragon SlayerKill a dragon
#54The Award System Dying-10Dying for a LivingDie 5+ times with one character
#55The Award System Entorg10EntourageGather 50 or more followers
#56The Award System Epic-f10Epic FailRoll three natural "1" in a row
#57The Award System Gravit12Training SessionDuel another player
#58The Award System Grenad12OverkillMake an enemy suffer from burning, poison, and bleeding out all at once
#59The Award System Lich-b10Lich BaneKill a Lich permanently
#60The Award System Massiv10Massive DamageDeal 50+ damage in a single hit
#61The Award System Regici10RenicideSlay a royal personĀ or one of royal lineage
#62The Award System Not-as10Not as it AppearsDefeat a creature that is under a disguise
#63The Award System Reques10Requested ClassChoose a class that was requested
#64The Award System Ship-o10Ship OwnerBecome an owner of a ship
#65The Award System Siege-10Siege WarfareTake part in a siege combat
#66The Award System Super-10Super CriticalRoll three natural "20" in a row
#67The Award System Tyrant10TyrantTake control of a kingdom through force
#68The Award System Celest10Grand HealerBring back someone from the dead
#69The Award System Barbar10Peace DestroyerCause a war between two kingdoms
#70The Award System Choas-10Chaos BringerDo something extremely chaotic
#71The Award System Infern10SlaverJoin the slave trade by acquiring a slave

Credits goes to

@VerniusNightshade for the amazing artwork on the badges

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