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Crafting System

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PostDraxion February 28th 2017, 3:56 am

Crafting System 012727-glossy-silver-icon-animals-animal-dragon1

New Crafting System

Crafting Points

Crafting points simply replace the things needed for an item such as realities of such work-tool kits, alchemical reagents, laboratories, long hours of toil, and the like—to keep the game moving along at an exciting pace.

To craft an item without spending the normal labor time, a character with the appropriate item creation feat can pay one-tenth the item's market price in craft points (minimum 1 point). They must also pay material costs equal to one-half the item's market price (this replaces the normal material cost for crafting an item). For a magic item, the character must also pay the normal experience point cost for crafting the item. Once the character declares that they are spending these craft points and gold pieces (and experience points, for a magic item), the item is automatically completed one day later (typically the next morning).

To spend craft points toward the creation of an alchemical, masterwork, or magic item, you must have the requisite Craft feat (such as Craft Masterwork Armor for creating a masterwork chain shirt) or assist someone who does. Crafting non-masterwork armor and weapons or simple items—tools, chests, saddles, and the like—doesn't require a Craft feat. Anyone who helps with the creation of such an item can contribute craft points at the normal rate.

For nonmagical items, you must make a successful Craft check to complete the item. For a masterwork item, use the DC of the item or of the masterwork component, whichever is higher. A failed check means you waste one-half of the gold pieces and craft points required for the item, but you may try again as soon as the next day if you still have enough gold pieces and craft points to complete the item. Magic items require no skill check to complete.

Gaining Craft Points

A 1st-level character has 100 craft points. With each class level gained, he gains a number of craft points equal to his new level × 100. A 2nd-level character can have as many as 300 craft points, and so forth. Familiars or special mounts never gain craft points, regardless of their intelligence or Hit Dice.

You can also gain craft points by obtaining certain crafting feats.

Craft Points Gained
Brew Potion1,500
Craft Magic Arms and Armor2,500
Craft Rod4,500
Craft Staff6,000
Craft Wand2,500
Craft Wondrous Item1,500
Forge Ring6,000
Scribe Scroll500

There is also another way of gaining craft points back and this is something I implemented since the way the system originally worked is when you spent the craft points there was no way of getting them back until you either gained a new creation feat or leveling up. Therefore, you can gain craft points by simply destroying an item and taking back the parts. You gain half it's value in craft points.

For example, if you destroyed a +1 longsword (market value of 2,000 gold;200 craft points), you would gain back 100 craft points.

The Dungeon Master

© Code developed by Draxion


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